Configure SpamAssassin and Spam Box in cPanel


Added: 10.03.2014 23:26:29     Last updated: 13.01.2017 15:49:52

This guide details how to proceed to configure SpamAssassin and Spam Box in cPanel.

SpamAssassin is an automated email filtering system which identifies spam based on the contents of the email. If you want, you can save emails which are marked as spam in Spam Box so you can have a look at the emails before they are deleted.

Step 1:
Click on the icon for "Spam Assassin" as shown in the screenshot below:

Spamassassin icon in cPanel

Step 2:

  1. Click on "Activate Apache SpamAssasin" to turn on the spam filter. The the filter is on, emails which are recognised as spam will be marked with **SPAM** in the emails title, and get through normally to your email client/webmail.
  2. If you choose to also turn on Spam Box by clicking on "Activate Spam Box", email marked as spam will be sent to its own IMAP folder instead of your primary folder. To see these emails you must either:
    1. Go to the folder called "spam" in webmail.
    2. Find the folder called "spam" in your email client and subscribe to it so you can see the contents. This requires that you have set up your account as IMAP and not POP3.
  3. Click on "Automatic deletion of spam email" if you want emails marked as spam to be deleted automatically. You will have no way of checking which emails have been deleted, and emails will not be saved in Spam Box even if it is turned on.
  4. Click on "Configurate Apache SpamAssasin".
SpamAssassin page in the control panel (cPanel)

Step 3:

  1. SpamAssassin gives all incoming emails a score. The higher the score, the more likely it is spam. Emails which get a lower score than given here will not be recognised as spam, but those that have the same or lower will be recognized as spam. The standard value 5 will fit for most people, but can be changed as required. Downwards if you want a stricter filter and upwards if you want a milder filter.

    The field required_score tells you which score is needed for an email to be recognised as spam, and it is this value that has to be changed if you want a stricter or milder filter.
  2. SpamAssasin will not always identify spam the same way you will, and therefore you can add emails or domains which you want to always be recognised as spam. These addresses/domains can be added under "blacklist_from".
  3. Likewise, you can also define that certain addresses/domains are always let through. You add this under "whitelist_from".
  4. Click "Save" if you’ve made changes.
Configuring Spamassassin in cPanel

We have now been through how to configure SpamAssassin and Spam Box in cPanel.