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Privacy policy

Before you purchase and use PRO ISP's products and services, you must consent to our processing of your personal data, and confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the contents of this statement.

The privacy statement describes the personal data we collect when you visit our websites, when you use our products and services and how we process them.

When you visit our websites, we automatically store information about browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referral/exit pages, operating system, date/time, clickstream data and other user information as part of our service analysis. This data is not linked to any other information we collect about you and is anonymous.

We also use cookies on our websites for marketing purposes, to maintain the reliability of our visitor statistics, and to increase the functionality of our pages. For more information about cookies and how they are used, please see our Cookie Policy.

This statement contains detailed information about our subcontractors. We have done this to be transparent. If you do not want to read about these, you can easily access the essential content here:

  1. Personal data and responsibilities
  2. Subcontractors outside the EU
  3. The processing of personal data
  4. Sensitive and confidential personal data
  5. Links to third-party websites
  6. Changes to the Privacy Policy


Data controller:
PRO ISP AS (corp. no. 896907662)
Grev Wedels gate 1
3111 Tønsberg

Telephone: +47 51 20 08 70
Contact form: Contact information PRO ISP

If you have objections to our privacy policy or the use of data that has not been processed in a satisfactory manner, you can submit a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

PRO ISP is responsible for personal data processed in connection with visits to our websites or ordering, administration of our products and services, and contact with Customer Service.

PRO ISP collects the following personal data to identify and register (1) customer relationships, (2) customer relationship contacts, and (3) user accounts in our systems:

  1. First name, last name, postal address, telephone number and email address.
  2. First name, last name, telephone number and email address.
  3. First name, last name, telephone number and email address.

As well as delivering the agreed service and providing customer service on request. For security reasons, the IP address used during ordering, administration, and while using our services is also stored. Providing your personal data is not optional unless otherwise stated in this statement or the user interface of the services.

Personal data is stored on servers owned and operated by PRO ISP and located in Norway and/or the EU, unless otherwise stated.

PRO ISP is obliged to delete or correct personal data that is incorrect. Personal data that is incorrect or incomplete will be updated with data from third-party registers, including but not limited to, Posten, Bring, the Credit Information Agency (Experian), Brønnøysund Register Centre and other publicly available sources.


Adyen N.V., ZenDesk Inc, Trustpilot A/S, Rapid Web Services, LLC, UserEngage Sp. z o.o., Google, Excentia Services AS, Deloitte Norway, disclosure to other companies. Prevailing registrar services.

Adyen N.V.

When paying by debit/credit card, your card information is stored by Adyen, which is PCI DSS-certified. Credit card information will only be available to PRO ISP in anonymised form. We do not store any part of the card number in our systems, only a reference to the transaction in Adyen's systems.

When paying by invoice, personal data is stored under (1) and (2) by Adyen. This applies regardless of how the invoice is issued or paid.

ZenDesk Inc (USA)

Zendesk operates the platform for handling customer inquiries and our help pages. All information that is registered, generated and stored in connection with chat and email correspondence with Customer Service at, and is stored on servers owned and operated by Zendesk Inc.

When using chat, information about IP addresses and browser versions is saved automatically. Other personal data is provided on a voluntary basis, and you can use the service anonymously.

By contacting Customer Service in writing via chat or email, you agree that personal data will be transferred to and processed in the United States.

Trustpilot A/S

Trustpilot collects reviews for us. When you place an order on our websites, Trustpilot sends an invitation to your email address to write a review. Trustpilot only receives your email address, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Providing additional personal data to Trustpilot is voluntary.

Rapid Web Services, LLC (USA)

When we submit a request to issue an SSL certificate, we forward your contact information regarding the SSL certificate to Rapid Web Services, LLC to the extent necessary to obtain the SSL certificate. Rapid Web Services, LLC forwards this to the certificate issuer from whom you ordered the certificate for the same reason.

UserEngage Sp. z o.o.

UserEngage delivers our live chat and chatbot and receives your name and email address when you log onto the customer portal. No information is shared if you are not a customer or do not log onto the customer portal.


Google Analytics measures the number of visitors to a page and the sources of traffic and enables us to see how you use the website and to display personalised ads. Google's policies for using Google Analytics do not allow the collection or use of data that could be used to identify you as an individual. The data is aggregated, anonymous, confidential, stored securely on Google's servers and used to deliver and maintain Google Analytics and perform operations within the system. In rare cases, they can also be used for legal purposes. You can read more about how Google collects and protects data here:

Privacy Policy - Privacy and terms and conditions - Google

The data is shared with Google and third parties for marketing purposes. You can opt-out of personalised ads:

How Google uses your data for advertisements

Excentia Services AS

PRO ISP provides personal data to Excentia Services AS, where the processing basis is to fulfil all of the requirements of the Norwegian Accounting Act in its role as bookkeeper.

Deloitte Norway

PRO ISP provides personal data to Deloitte Norway, where the processing basis is to fulfil all of the requirements of the Norwegian Act on Auditing and Auditors in its role as auditor.

Dissemination to other companies

We share your personal data with recipients in the role of data processors, with whom we cooperate when we use your personal data as described in the Data Processor Agreement. This includes our support group companies (group centres) located in the Philippines, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark, our server parks in Denmark and Norway, and our system operation activities in Denmark and India. These recipients process your data (the customer) on some occasions. Our support centres process your data (customer data) when it is necessary to support you.

Registrar services (international)

Personal data collected in connection with the registration of domain names will be stored on the registrar for the relevant top-level and published in WHOIS in accordance with our Service Agreement and current regulations for the relevant top-level, which you accept upon registration.


Subcontractors outside the EU who do not offer data storage within the EU, have declared their compliance with the current privacy legislation within the EU through standard agreements drawn up by the EU Commission, i.e. EU Standard Contractual Clauses.

If you have any objections regarding our privacy policy or the use of data that has not been processed satisfactorily, you can contact Customer Service and let us handle the case for you.


Personal data is collected to allow PRO ISP to perform the tasks and services we are required to perform in accordance with legislation, regulations and/or agreements. Personal data is processed within the framework of the prevailing and applicable legislation and regulations.

Personal data may be disclosed to third parties with whom PRO ISP cooperates, both within and outside the EU and EEA area, so that we can perform the tasks and services we are required to act in accordance with legislation, regulations and/or agreements, and in line with this privacy policy.

If there is a statutory duty to provide information to public authorities, recorded personal data will be provided in accordance with the authorities' requests.

Please note that the processing of personal data in relation to specific services and products may be regulated in separate agreements, which can be found in our Service Agreement. This includes, but is not limited to, domain names and the information registered in WHOIS.

Insight and correction

You are always entitled to access any data recorded. You can view and edit your personal data at any time on our Control Panel. Data stored in relation to email correspondence is available by logging in to our Help Centre.

You can also contact Customer Service, who will respond to your inquiry within 1 hour during general office hours.

Storage and deletion

Information that is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was stored will be deleted on an ongoing basis.

PRO ISP stores personal data about customers in accordance with prevailing legislation. When you delete or cancel services, some personal data, primarily your contact information, order and invoice history, and copies of correspondence, will remain in our register to the extent necessary to protect legal rights or legal requirements for documentation.

Data portability

You have the right to data portability. This means you can take your personal data with you in a machine-readable format.


We use a combination of physical, electronic and procedural security to protect personal data.

Information in your account is password protected. Furthermore, the account password is stored using a one-way, salted hash algorithm with variable working factors.

All data transfers over the internet are encrypted. All transactions are processed over an industry-standard SSL/TLS connection, with a minimum of 256-bit encryption. However, there is no guarantee that no one will be able to access such information, or that it will not be revealed, altered or corrupted in the event of a breach of a firewall or secure server software.

Because no data transfer over the internet is 100% secure, we cannot guarantee or vouch for the security of any information you send to us.

If PRO ISP becomes aware of a breach in one of the security systems, we will notify you in writing by email or SMS, so that you can implement the necessary protective measures. By using our services or providing us with personal data, you agree that PRO ISP may contact you electronically regarding security, privacy and administrative issues related to your use of the service.

PRO ISP is also obliged to notify the Norwegian Data Protection Authority of security breaches no later than 72 hours after we have become aware of the breach.

You are responsible for implementing the appropriate security measures when using our services. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of secure passwords, password encryption, secure storage of encryption keys, installation of security updates for third-party software and components, etc.

PRO ISP is not responsible for the information you choose to store using our services, and we cannot be held liable for any consequences resulting from security breaches.


None of PRO ISP's services requires the provision of sensitive and confidential personal data. The registration of such personal data on PRO ISP's interfaces is not permitted and must not be disclosed to PRO ISP under any circumstances.

If you are asked to provide a copy of your identification, the national identity number must be obscured.

In some cases, our services include third-party features, services, apps and links from other providers and websites where the privacy practices may differ from ours. These third-party features may collect your IP address and the pages you visit on the site, and they may store a cookie so that third-party features work correctly.

Third-party functions may also collect sensitive information, such as financial information (credit cards), to process purchases of products or services.

If you submit personal data to any of these sites, this information is subject to their privacy policy. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policy of any website you visit before submitting personal data.


The customer accepts that PRO ISP reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy on an ongoing basis. Significant changes to the Privacy Policy are announced in the same way as significant changes to the Service Agreement:

PRO ISP is obliged to notify the Customer of significant changes. Significant changes include circumstances that restrict the Customer's rights or otherwise change the parties' obligations or rights. Notifications of significant changes must be sent by email to the email address specified as the contact address for the customer relationship.