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Become partner

Many of our clients resell our products and services. Typical examples are web designers or other agents who have developed solutions combined with our services. These clients require an easy and simple way to manage this. We have therefore developed a solution for partners with the following possibilities beyond what an average customer has access to:

  • Manage customers belonging to partner (full access to view/change the client’s products and information)
  • Option to invoice client or partner
  • Option to send information from PRO ISP to partner, client or both parties
  • Access our XML-RPC API for integration on own systems

Download our API from here:
Link to API has been removed as a new version will be available soon. The new version will not be a renewal of the old one and will be the starting point for further development. The old will still function, but will not be developed further unfortunately.

Being a partner does not entitle any discounts and is free of charge to use. We require that you are already registered as a client with PRO ISP.

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