PRO ISP joined group.ONE 

In January 2022, PRO ISP became part of group.ONE, one of Northern Europe’s leading providers for online presence. This partnership enables a strengthening of the product and service offering for customers. group.ONE and ProISP have both successfully delivered stable and reliable hosting services, with superior customer service, to tens of thousands of customers in Norway. … Continue reading PRO ISP joined group.ONE 

Office 365 – Now available

In order to compete in a competitive market, whether you are a small start-up company or a large enterprise, efficient tools are required to get ahead. There are many roadblocks, and poor organization of the IT environment is something that will slow you down the most. Office 365 from PRO ISP can help you avoid … Continue reading Office 365 – Now available

cPanel Version 86

cPanel latest version (86) is now running on all web hosting servers. We have written a short summary of the changes this version brings. File Manager interface can now be used to delete files when the account’s disk space is full. Previously, when the account had no disk space, you could not access this interface as … Continue reading cPanel Version 86

cPanel Version 84

Faster validation for AutoSSL, PHP 7.3 on backend and a new refreshed interface for the webmail users is some of the new features in this version We changed the AutoSSL feature’s Domain Control Validation (DCV) processing order. This change will significantly improve AutoSSL’s DCV execution time. Now, AutoSSL performs HTTP-based DCVs for each user first. … Continue reading cPanel Version 84