PositiveSSL DV Wildcard

PositiveSSL DV Wildcard is our cheapest wildcard SSL certificate and secures all subdomains. The certificate is perfect for anyone that wants to get started with SSL quickly and easily to a low price. The SSL certificate is suitable for websites with low volume / low value transactions and is issued quickly and easily.

FunctionalityPositiveSSL DV Wildcard
Price per year89
Validation methodDomain
SSL encryptedUp to 256-bit
Domains securedUnlimited subdomains incl. domain
Issued10 minutes-1 day
Warranty amount50 000 USD
Extra support for mobile phones
Supports domains with special national letters (IDN)
Supports private IP addresses (RFC 1597)
Daily scanning of website
1 year free PCI scanning of website i
Higher ranking in Google search i
Site sealPositiveSSL DV Wildcard site seal
Web browser support99.9%
Secure domain.com when ordering www.domain.com
Number of servers it can be installed onUnlimited
% saved compared to provider40%