Norway's best prices on SSL certificates

Comodo EssentialSSL SSL certificate is perfect for anyone that wants to get started with SSL quickly and easily to a low price. The SSL certificate is suitable for websites with low volume / low value transactions and is issued quickly and easily. In addition to what you get with Comodo PositiveSSL you also get a free registration in IdAuthority.

FunctionalityEssentialSSL DV
Price per year249kr
Validation methodDomain
SSL encryptedUp to 256-bit
Domains secured1
Issued10 minutes-1 day
Warranty amount10 000 USD
Extra support for mobile phones
Supports domains with special national letters (IDN)
Supports private IP addresses (RFC 1597)
Daily scanning of website
1 year free PCI scanning of website i
Higher ranking in Google search i
Site sealEssentialSSL DV site seal
Web browser support99.3%
Secure when ordering
Number of servers it can be installed onUnlimited
% saved compared to provider79%