Edit resources for virtual server


Added: 26.07.2016 13:24:50     Last updated: 16.01.2017 15:56:17

In this guide we will go through how to edit resources that has been allocated to a virtual server.

We assume that you have an account with PRO ISP and that you have created a virtual server in OnApp already. Notice that editing of resources could result in the virtual server requiring a reboot. The guide is separated into three (3) parts.

Part 1 – CPU and RAM

Step 1:
You start by going to «Virtual Servers».

Choose virtual servers in the menu in OnApp

On the next page you will see a list over all the virtual servers you have created, click on the one you want to edit.

Overview over virtual servers in OnApp

Step 2:

  1. Click on the «Tools» menu in the top right corner.
  2. Click on «Edit Virtual Server»

Edit the virtual server in OnApp control panel

Step 3:
Under «Edit Virtual Server» you can change;

  1. RAM; choose how much RAM the virtual server should have.
  2. CPU Cores; choose how many CPU cores the server should have.
  3. CPU Priority; decides how much of each core that should be able to be used.
  4. Click on «Save» to save the changes that has been made.

Edit resources on virtual server

When you have clicked on «Save» you will come back to the overview of the virtual server, and in «Activity Log» you will see that Virtual server has been edited, without restart.

Activity log for your virtual server

Part 2 – Hard drive
To change the size of the server's hard drive, you also start under «Virtual Servers» (as shown in Part 1) and click on the server you want to make changes to.

NB: In most cases, changing the size of the hard drive will lead to immediate reboot of the virtual server.

Step 1:
Click on «Storage» and then on «Disks»

Choose disks for the virtual server

Step 2:

  1. Find the hard drive you want to change the size of.
  2. Click on «Actions»
  3. Click on «Edit»

Choose which partitions you want to change in OnApp

Step 3:

  1. Change to wanted size.
  2. Click on «Save Disk» to complete.

Choose size and confirm change

When you go back to the overview page for the server you will see that the drive size has been changed, and the server has been restarted, in «Activity Log» (notice that the size under «Disks» will not be updated until the server has been restarted).

The activity log shows that changes has been made

Part 3 – Network interface
To change the speed of the network interface of the virtual server, you start by going to «Virtual Servers» and then to the server you want to make changes to (as shown in Part 1).
Click on «Networking» and then on «Network Interfaces».

Choose network interface in OnApp control panel

Click on «Edit» on the network interface you want to edit.

Choose which network interface to edit

  1. Change to the speed you desire.
  2. Click on «Submit» to complete the change.

Choose desired speed for virtual server network interface

When you click on «Submit» you will get back to «Network Interfaces», and here we can see that the speed has been changed.

Speed changed for virtual server

We can also see in the «Activity Log» under the server overview, that «RateLimit» has been changed for the server, which means that the speed on the network interface has been changed.

The Activity Log shows changes that has been made for the network

We have now seen how to edit the resources on a virtual server in your control panel.