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Setting up email account in Apple Mail


Added: 10.03.2014 23:26:29     Last updated: 05.10.2021 13:10:49

This guide will show you how to create an account in Apple Mail (standard program for MacBook and iMac).

When setting up email in Apple Mail you should use the values listed below. Change the values with ones that apply for your email account with PRO ISP. In this example we have used as the email address with a given password.

For in- and outgoing mailserver you need to use as servername if you are using SSL (recommended). Replace X with the server number your account is located at. If you do not use SSL you can also use where is replaced with the domain you are creating an account for in Apple Mail.

Password: ********

Incoming mailserver (without SSL):
Outgoing mailserver SMTP (without SSL):

Incoming mailserver (SSL):
Outgoing mailserver (SSL):

Port for incoming mailserver:
    - POP without SSL: 110
    - POP with SSL: 995
    - IMAP without SSL: 143
    - IMAP with SSL: 993
Port for outgoing mailserver SMTP without SSL: 26
Port for outgoing mailserver SMTP with SSL: 465

Step 1: 
Open Apple Mail and select "Mail" on the top left, and then "Add account".

Add account in Apple Mail

Step 2:
1. Select "Other Mail Account".
2. Select "Continue".

Choose IMAP

Step 3:
1. Enter the name you want to be the sender of outgoing emails. In this example we are using "John".
2. Enter your email address. In this example we are using
3. Enter the password for the email address.
4. Click "Sign in".

Apple Mail setup

Step 4:

1. Select IMAP or POP.
POP - When using POP your messages are stored on our mailservers when they are received. When you check your email they are downloaded to your machine and deleted from our mail servers unless you specify otherwise in Apple Mail.
IMAP - When using IMAP your messages are still stored on our mailservers when they are received, but Apple Mail downloads a copy of your messages and they are not deleted from our servers before they are deleted in Apple Mail.

2. Enter the incoming mailserver for the account. Incoming mailserver is where you replace X with the servernumber your account is located at with PRO ISP.
3. Enter the outgoing mailserver for the account. Outgoing mailserver is where you replace X with the servernumber your account is located at with PRO ISP.
4. Select "Sign in". Apple Mail will now find the settings for ports and encryption automatically and you are ready for sending and receiving email.

Change incoming and outgoing email server Apple Mail

We have now showed you how to add an email account in Apple Mail.