.no domain names

.no is the top level domain (TLD) for Norway. From 2014 it was possible for individuals to register domain names directly under .no. Before 2014 you had to represent an organization to register .no domain names and individuals had to register domain names under .priv.no.


To register a .no domain name you need to:

  • have affiliation to Norway
  • represent an organization which is registered at The Brønnøysund Register Center
  • represent an individual who is registered in the Norwegian National Registry
  • ensure that the domain name is technically operational

Organizations may have up to 100 domain names directly in the .no TLD. Organizations may additionally register domain names in geographical and category second level domains.

Individuals may register up to 5 domain names directly under .no TLD. Individuals may additionally register up to 5 domain names under priv.no and 5 domain names under the geographical second level domains which the individual is associated with.

You may apply for an organization number by filling with the form samordnet registermelding at The Brønnøysund Register Center.