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Web hosting plan and price changes

Written by: Jon Eivind Malde

With supply chain disruptions, prices are hiking, especially for energy and service production. In June, Norway saw the highest inflation since 1998, with further increases expected.

In our industry, costs are also going up on everything from hardware to top-level domains. Verisign is determined to stay the course on maximum annual price increases, and many other domains will follow. Together with a weakened Norwegian krone, we now see increased costs that drive up all prices. Based on this trend, PRO ISP will increase its prices on domains and web hosting plans.

It is not an easy decision. We have kept prices very low historically; our last change was before the pandemic and on two products only. We still firmly believe in offering competitive prices for stable and secure hosting. This change was not planned, but we hope for your understanding given the current economic situation.

Changes to web hosting plans

At the same time as these prices change, we are making improvements to our offer. The Start package in particular has not been updated for a long time and we find the 1GB disk space allocation no longer sufficient for a modern web project.

Larger plans are also getting more storage, and, what’s perhaps most important, a higher number of databases per plan. The new limits of 10 and 20 databases for Medium and Premium plans match the number of additional domains that can be connected to the hosting plan. This way, each of the websites you run has its own DB if needed.

Web hosting planPro StartPro MediumPro Premium
Disk space1GB > 10GB30GB > 50GB100GB > 150GB
Databases15 > 1010 > 20
New monthly price2.99€7.99€14.99€

The price will take effect from August 15 for all customers. You can order new web hosting or upgrade before this date at the old price.

All customers have already been given new limits on their web hosting.

Changes to domain prices

In addition to web hosting plans, domain registration and renewal fees are also changing. You can download the complete list of new prices here. These will also take effect from August 15.


Starting August 15, all issued invoices will include the new prices. We will understand if you decide to cancel your subscription with us before then. Please reach out to our support team if needed. However, we truly hope you will stay and continue to enjoy the same high-quality support and services that you have experienced with us.

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