PRO ISP joined group.ONE 

Written by: Jon Eivind Malde

In January 2022, PRO ISP became part of group.ONE, one of Northern Europe’s leading providers for online presence. This partnership enables a strengthening of the product and service offering for customers.

group.ONE and ProISP have both successfully delivered stable and reliable hosting services, with superior customer service, to tens of thousands of customers in Norway. Both organizations share the same core values, with customers at the heart of this.

By becoming part of group.ONE, new opportunities and accelerated innovation pace will be further enabled. Customers can therefore expect new product launches in the future. PRO ISP’s support department will remain the same with customers continuing to receive best-in-class support. We will continue to host your projects and store your sensitive data from within Norway.

Group.ONE is truly excited about this next chapter in this journey for our employees, and our customers.

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