Google warns: Secure your website

Security for websites are undergoing major changes. The extent of these changes is comprehensive and will affect all websites using HTTP: The implementation of the changes has been done gradually and the “final” date has been changed several times, but according to Google (8th of Febuary 2018) you will need to make your website secure … Continue reading Google warns: Secure your website

How to create a website?

This article will tell you everything you need to know to create a great website. Either you are creating a website for your company, your hobby or creating your own blog. What do I need? What should my website contain? How often do I need to update my website? Some good tips What do I … Continue reading How to create a website?

Symantec is now powered by DigiCert!

Symantec is one of the worlds leading certificate authority (CA) and have now entered a collaboration with DigiCert. Fall of 2017 the two partnered to form the worlds leading CA. If you haven’t heard the exciting news, Symantec, the world’s foremost Certificate Authority, is now powered by DigiCert, another industry titan. This past Fall, Symantec … Continue reading Symantec is now powered by DigiCert!

How to build your own webshop?

Regardless if you are selling products or services it is important to be available online. There are several options to build a webshop, both for beginners and more advanced users. In this article we will look at all the steps necessary to open a webshop. Acquire domains and usernames Create landingpage SEO Choose platform Acquire … Continue reading How to build your own webshop?

iOS Push Notifications

Our servers have been upgraded to cPanel version 64. Within this upgrade there are several new functions available (read about them in this article). Another new function available is iOS push notifications for email on devices from Apple. This has been tested and can be found on all our cPanel servers at PRO ISP. This technology … Continue reading iOS Push Notifications