<![CDATA[PRO ISP RSS Service announcements]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ en PRO ISP http://www.proisp.no/images/pro-isp.gif http://www.proisp.no 110 56 <![CDATA[cPanel servers, cPanel (PRO server) servers, cPanel (LiteSpeed) servers, Enterprise servers]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ Because of security update of kernel the servers needs to be rebooted and the expected downtime will last around 5-15min for each server.
At the same time there will be firmware updates on the servers that can cause a couple of minutes extra downtime.

<![CDATA[cpanel30.proisp.no, cPanel servers, Data center in Frankrike]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ There are currently problems with the server. We are aware of it and Data Center is actively working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

<![CDATA[cpanel13.proisp.no, cpanel35.proisp.no]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ Because of failure of a controller of remote connectivity, these needs to be fixed and will cause a downtime to 5-10min pr. server.

Work will start 08.10.

<![CDATA[Data center in Stavanger (NO) DC1, Data center in Stavanger (NO) DC2]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ 09/03/2017 At 17.22 DC1 and DC2 in Stavanger experienced issues.
There was memory problem in the firewalls associated with data centers and hence, this was rebooted. Prolem was fixed at 17.35.
Error message to the supplier and the deviation is created.

<![CDATA[Data center in Stavanger (NO) DC1, Data center in Stavanger (NO) DC2]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ The datacenter will perform critical maintenance this upcoming night - 15.03.2017 at 01:00 to approximately 02:00. You may experience momentary instability in network connections during the period.

We apologize for the short notice due to short notice from our service provider.

<![CDATA[oncp01.proisp.no]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ It will be necessary to shut down all virtual servers due to emergency updates to our cloud solution while we are performing the updates. We will perform the shut down and power up of all virtual servers for our clients and verify that they are running again afterwards. We expect that each virtual server will be unavailable for 15-30 minutes.

We apologize for the short notice and for any inconveniences this causes for our clients.

<![CDATA[ex02.proisp.no]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ The Exchange server will be rebooted during software upgrades and will be unavailable during this time.

<![CDATA[cpanel3.proisp.no]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ The server will be rebooted at 02:00 due to an important firmware upgrade. The server is expected to be unavailable 15 minutes.

<![CDATA[Data center in Stavanger (NO) DC1, Data center in Stavanger (NO) DC2]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ There will be performed maintenance on core network componements 20.04.17 between 01:00-04:00 in Stavanger. Expect short drops in network connectivity during the maintenance.

<![CDATA[R1Soft backup servers]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ All backup servers will be upgraded with latest firmware and software.
This will require a reboot and downtime will be 0-5 minutes for each server.

<![CDATA[ex02.proisp.no]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ There is currently an issue with the Exchange server which results in problems logging in to Hosted Exchange emails for some clients. Our technicians are working to solve the issue as soon as possible. Any updates will be posted here.

<![CDATA[Data center in Stavanger (NO) DC1, Data center in Stavanger (NO) DC2]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ We will be performing maintenance on core network components 08.06.17 between 02:00-04:00. Expect small interruptions during the maintenance.

We apologize for the inconvenience it may cause.

<![CDATA[cpanel58.proisp.no, cpanel63.proisp.no, cpanel61.proisp.no, cpanel60.proisp.no, cpanel64.proisp.no, cpanel65.proisp.no, cpanel66.proisp.no]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ There are issues with temporary url on these servers since yesterday.
cPanel has worked with this issue and have now found the cause for this.

We're implementing a temporary fix until cPanel/LiteSpeed has come with and update for this bug.

Servers that are fixed so far:

<![CDATA[cPanel servers, cPanel (PRO server) servers, cPanel (LiteSpeed) servers]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ Changes will be made to our servers within the next days for the temporary url's.

A security risk has been identified by using mod_userdir in the Apache setup that makes it necessary for us to redo the solution that has been used up to now.

Former temporary url's like (http://cpanelXX.proisp.no/~username) will be disabled.
For customers who wish to use temporary url's, this can be activated via our customer pages as follows:

We recommend using the hosts file instead, as it will also make it easier to publish a new website with us. Then it's not nescessary to change your script url's after site is published:

Essentially, this feature changes due to:
1. The security risk detected.
2. Conflicts with Ruby / Python applications.
3. Improve delivery of email for our customers.

Contact support if you have any questions about this.

<![CDATA[cpanel37.proisp.no]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ The server will be rebooted due to problems with the software on the server. The server is expected to be unavailable 15 minutes.

<![CDATA[cpanel10.proisp.no, cpanel11.proisp.no, cpanel12.proisp.no, cpanel14.proisp.no, cpanel17.proisp.no, cpanel18.proisp.no, cpanel20.proisp.no, cpanel21.proisp.no, cpanel23.proisp.no, cpanel24.proisp.no, cpanel25.proisp.no, cpanel26.proisp.no, cpanel27.proisp]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ The Apache version will be updated on the servers. Therefore, the web server will restart and there will be a downtime of a few seconds for each server.

<![CDATA[oncp01.proisp.no]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ We start shutting down all virtual servers from 00:00 night to Tuesday 18/07 while we are upgrading the servers in the cloud solution. We will manually start and check all virtual servers after upgrading each individual server.

This upgrade from OnApp does not allow us to migrate the virtual servers between servers to avoid down time unfortunately. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we will do what we can to minimize the down time to a minimum.

<![CDATA[cpanel13.proisp.no, cPanel servers, Data center in Stavanger (NO) DC1]]> https://www.proisp.eu/service-announcements/ cpanel13.proisp.no is at the time unavailable
Out techicans is working on the matter and will come with an update